Passionate People

Passionate People

Passionate People is the leading Frontend Developer Consultancy in the Netherlands. We maintain a high level of JavaScript Frontend skill coupled with a passion for development whilst growing to fulfill the need in the market place

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We are a collective group of calibre Frontend Javascript Developers. Looking after our Frontend Developers is at the heart of the company. We offer Javascript related Training, Monthly Events, Weekly Meetup's and unlimited Conference budgets.



Our Frontend Developers are of the highest consultancy standard Javascripters in the Netherlands . JavaScript is at the core of our business alongside having experience with common frameworks and libraires such as Reactjs, Angular, Vue, Polymer and many more are



Our work for the Frontend Developer Community has seen over 5,000 people gain knowledge in the last 4 years. We are responsible for running Vue.js Amsterdam, Frontend Developer Love, Vue.js Road Trip and Frontend Developer Meetups.

Frontend Development

High calibre Javascript frontend developers with combined experience of the major frameworks with updated versions. Reactjs, Angular Old and New Versions and Vuejs. If you need other frameworks such as Polymer, Backbonejs, Emberjs, Aurelia we also have people with the experience.

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