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Our expert colleagues are ready to share their knowledge and lessons learned on all aspects of web development in large-scale applications.

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We train and help development teams to work on large scale web projects. Our expert colleagues are ready to share their knowledge about all aspects of web development. From the basics of starting a new project successfully to how to re-architect legacy applications.

Learn how to get the most our of Nuxt.js, Vuex, SSR directly from one of the Nuxt.js Core team members.

Get hands-on experience tackling complex problems that benefit from a functional programming approach.

A primer on the state of WebDev, JavaScript frameworks and how to pick the right tools for the job.

Learn different approaches to host your own projects with a professional set-up. CI/CD, Containers, DNS, etc.

Get acquainted with features this popular superset of JavaScript provides to leverage your coding skills to a new level

We've got you covered, learn with us!

We offer in-classroom workshops at our office and other venues in The Netherlands. If you prefer, we can also organize an on-premises workshop for your team.

Don’t see a workshop that suits your needs? Send us an e-mail to and we’ll make it happen!

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