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A recurring segment during our weekly company call (This week at Passionate People), is called "Tech Snacks" where we share some interesting tech updates, releases, blog posts and news from all across the web, curated specially for our team.

Passionate People Tech Snacks for Week 43, 2020

Announcing HashiCorp Waypoint
A consistent developer workflow to build, deploy, and release applications across any platform.
Rust meets the web - a clash of programming paradigms
Technologies in practice
Meet Face ID and Touch ID for the Web
People often see passwords are the original sin of authentication on the web.
Gianluca Varisco on Twitter
“Chrome 87 introduces the WebAuthn Tab in DevTools. You can now emulate authenticators and debug the Web Authentication API with the new WebAuthn tab.”
⚡️Lightning-fast linter for .env files. Written in Rust 🦀 - dotenv-linter/dotenv-linter
Preload late-discovered Hero images faster
If you are optimizing Largest Contentful Paint, preload can be a game-changer for speeding up late-discovered hero images and resources, loaded via JavaScript.
The Climate Issue
The Parametric Press returns
Product Managers and Product Owners: What’s the Difference? | Product Talk
For this month’s Product Talk post, I recorded a video where I consider the difference between product managers and product owners. You can watch the video or read an edited version of the transcript below. I want to talk about product managers and product owners. This is a topic that’s come up quite a bit […]
Presenting v7.0.0 of the npm CLI - The GitHub Blog
We’re releasing v7.0.0 of the npm CLI, which includes exciting new features such as Workspaces, automatically installed peer deps, and more!
Announcing Ionic Vue - Ionic Blog
Announcing Ionic Vue - build amazing iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps with Vue and standard web technologies.
Create TypeScript declarations from JavaScript and JSDoc
TypeScript: Stop Using 'any', There's a Type For That
Chances are you’ve worked with the <code>any</code> type in TypeScript. It’s widely overused, and subtly dangerous. Let’s explore why you should avoid it, and when you might truly need to use it.
Serverless Horror Stories
In this article, we summarize some real-life horror stories that illustrate the potential problems of serverless in production — and how to avoid them.

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