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A recurring segment during our weekly company call (This week at Passionate People), is called "Tech Snacks" where we share some interesting tech updates, releases, blog posts and news from all across the web, curated specially for our team.

Passionate People Tech Snacks for Week 20, 2021

Distributed Persistent Rendering (DPR)
Like Jamstack, Netlify is coining this term. If your reaction is: great, a new thing I need to know about and learn, know that while Distributed
Angular v12 is now available
It’s that time again, friends — we’re back with a new release and we can’t wait to share all the great updates and features waiting for…
A Color Coded Guide to Ports and Adapters
Ports and Adapters is an architecture pattern that aims to decouple your application from the details. By details here, I mean things like: Your web framework of choice Your database of choice Your favorite (or least...
DevTools for CSS layouts 2021 edition
As someone who loves and works with CSS on an almost daily basis, DevTools are something near and dear to my heart.
Next-generation Deploy Previews, plus Netlify acquires FeaturePeek
Netlify has acquired FeaturePeek and is launching the next generation of Deploy Previews. Learn about collaboration tools for teams to manage feedback and deliver better web experiences.
React Color Picker
🎨 Colored pixels everywhere!
Why ReplIt Switched From Webpack To Vite
At Replit, our mission is to make programming more accessible. We provide people with free compute in the cloud so that they can build…
SliDev: Presentation Slides for Developers
Presentation slides for developers
with Apple in an Angular Web App
In this article, we will cover the integration of signing in with Apple with Angular.
Vue.js 3.0 UI Framework
Vuestic UI is a modern Vue.js UI framework designed to be simple and customizable for applications of any type and scale
New – AWS App Runner: From Code to a Scalable, Secure Web Application in Minutes
Containers have become the default way that I package my web applications. Although I love the speed, productivity, and consistency that containers provide, there is one aspect of the container development workflow that I do not like: the lengthy routine I go through when I deploy a container image for the first time. You might […]
20+ API Monitoring Tools
API monitoring is a vital part of maintaining high uptime and functional endpoints. Here, we compare the many API monitoring tools on the market.
Simple Systems and Gall's Law
When it's time to build that big new system to replace the aging old one, consider Gall's Law and the benefit of frequent feedback and evolutionary development.
Remix v1 Beta Launch
Through lots of live code, Ryan and Michael will tell you all about where Remix started, where it's at now, and what this v1 Beta launch means for one of the...
The Psychology of Design
A complete list of cognitive biases and design principles. Tons of product examples, tips and checklists to improve your user experience.

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