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A recurring segment during our weekly company call (This week at Passionate People), is called "Tech Snacks" where we share some interesting tech updates, releases, blog posts and news from all across the web, curated specially for our team.

Passionate People Tech Snacks for Week 24, 2021

Querying Strategies for GraphQL Clients
As more clients rely on GraphQL to query data, we witness performance and scalability issues emerging. We share some query strategies for GraphQL at scale.
BBC Mobile's development approach for accessible front-end code
Journey of Improving React App Performance by 10x
Ever got this “Aw! Snap” on your application? Tried to solve it? Did you just google it and find nothing but a “chrome issue” article…
Three Front-End Auditing Tools I Discovered Recently — Smashing Magazine
Building a faster website can be a rocket task these days. There are so many things to consider, so it’s challenging to get everything right. Here are some less-known tools that might help you get there.
GraphCDN - The GraphQL CDN
Scale, inspect & protect your GraphQL API. Cache your queries at the edge, get insights into its usage and protect it from malicious queries.
Next.js 11
Next.js 11 continues our mission to create the best developer experience with a new conformance system and performance improvements.
Next.js Live - Code in the browser. With your team.
Instantly share, chat, draw, and edit from anywhere in the world. Enable real-time collaboration for your entire team.
The Plan for React 18 – React Blog
The React team is excited to share a few updates: We’ve started work on the React 18 release, which will be our next major version. We’ve created a Working Group to prepare the community for gradual adoption of new features in React 18. We’ve published a React 18 Alpha so that library authors can try it and provide feedback. These updates are primarily aimed at maintainers of third-party libraries. If you’re learning, teaching, or using React to build user-facing applications, you can safely…
Utopia: Design and Code on one platform
Utopia is a production-grade online coding and design tool for React that reads and writes code you’ll want to commit.
When CSS Isn’t Enough: JavaScript Requirements For Accessible Components — Smashing Magazine
Spoiler alert: tooltips, modals, tabs, carousels, and dropdown menus are some of the user interface components that require more than CSS. To ensure accessibility of your interface, JavaScript is a necessary addition to accomplish focus management, respond to keyboard events, and toggle ARIA attributes.
The Importance of Learning CSS
I know so many super-talented developers who share the same achilles heel: CSS. Instead of trying to “outrun” CSS, this article explores why leaning in and going deeper can be a tremendous boon for your development life and your career.
Expanding Serverless Framework beyond functions using the AWS CDK - getlift/lift
Disasters I've seen in a microservices world
When Martin Fowler's post about microservices came out in 2014, the teams where I worked were already building service-oriented architectures. That post and the subsequent hype made their way into almost every software team in the world. The "Netflix OSS stack" was the coolest thing back then, allowing engineers worldwide to leverage N...
Introducing Aurora
This article introduces Aurora, a Chrome initiative to collaborate closely with open-source frameworks
The modern guide to React state patterns - LogRocket Blog
There are a ton of state libraries out there — and that's a great thing. Learn today's options for managing state in React applications.
A tiny (152 bytes) state manager for React/Preact/Vue/Svelte with many atomic tree-shakable stores - ai/nanostores
4 NPM Alternatives: Best JS Package Managers and Publishing Tools
Which tool to choose for performance, reliability, or for building a monorepo?
ECMAScript 2021: What's Next for JavaScript? - The New Stack
The latest additions to JavaScript are mostly improvements to make working with the language more developer-friendly. And there's more: A powerful new option is designed to support WebAssembly.

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