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A recurring segment during our weekly company call (This week at Passionate People), is called "Tech Snacks" where we share some interesting tech updates, releases, blog posts and news from all across the web, curated specially for our team.

Passionate People Tech Snacks for Week 26, 2021

React Architecture: How to Structure and Organize a React Application
There is no consensus on the right way to organize a React application. React gives you a lot of freedom, but with that freedom comes the…
How to Spread Technical Practices Like TDD in an Organization
One of the success factors for Agile and DevOps is developers changing the way they work and adopting practices like Test-Driven Development (TDD). It’s not something that just happens by itself, and many of the “usual” ways of introducing change fail for TDD. This article outlines some of the things that actually do work and explains “Samman,” which is a coaching method used with developers.
A Deep Dive into Airbnb’s Server-Driven UI System
How Airbnb ships features faster across web, iOS, and Android using a server-driven UI system named Ghost Platform 👻.
ES2021 features list
ES2021 as approved by the Ecma General Assembly
Meet :has, A Native CSS Parent Selector (And More) — Smashing Magazine
What makes relational selector one of the most requested features and how are we, as developers, working around not having it? In this article, we’re going to check the early spec of the :has selector, and see how it should improve the CSS workflow once it’s released.
GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer
GitHub Copilot works alongside you directly in your editor, suggesting whole lines or entire functions for you.
Lowdefy - Build internal tools with YAML
Lowdefy is an open-source low-code framework to build web apps, admin panels, internal tools, BI dashboards, CRUD and workflow apps with ease.
Temporal: getting started with JavaScript’s new date time API
Slack launches Huddles, Discord-like audio calls you can hop in and out of
Slack’s new features are designed for remote work.
Ask HN: You have one shot to redesign the Internet – what do you change?
Contribute to kevglass/gute development by creating an account on GitHub.
How I hijacked the top-level domain of a sovereign state | Detectify Labs
Here’s how I temporariliy took over 50% of all DNS traffic for the TLD of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
How to use Throttle or Debounce with React Hook
In this article, we’ll look at how to throttle or denounce code with React hooks.
React All-Day: How Do Serverless Functions and the Jamstack Power up Your React Apps? | Ep. 6
The awesome Jason Lengstorf (@Jason Lengstorf) from Netlify gave us a fantastic Jamstack talk and live coded a React app and a custom serverless API from sc...
React Labs: React 18 Working Group Q&A [Audio]
In this previously-livestreamed Q&A on Twitter Spaces, you will hear from members of the React team and the Working Group about the plan for React 18, insigh...
Navigating the 8 fallacies of distributed computing | Ably Blog: Data in Motion
Learn about the 8 fallacies of distributed computing and discover how to avoid falling into their trap when engineering distributed systems.
Deploying a serverless API to AWS with Claudia.js - LogRocket Blog
Learn how to use Claudia.js to deploy a serverless API to AWS by building an example Express.js application and deploying it to AWS Lambda.

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