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A recurring segment during our weekly company call (This week at Passionate People), is called "Tech Snacks" where we share some interesting tech updates, releases, blog posts and news from all across the web, curated specially for our team.

Passionate People Tech Snacks for Week 48, 2021

Cross-fading any two DOM elements is currently impossible
Here's why, and the features we need to enable it…
ssshape → SVG Blob/Organic Shape Generator with Extra Controls
Simple organic/blob shape generator that allows you to control the final shape. Copy/export as an SVG and use the blob-like shapes in your designs right away.
Create Reusable Components with the Vue 3 Composition API - SitePoint
Learn how to make Vue code more reusable, compact, and clean, by harnessing the Composition API, along with the Reactivity API and slots.
Rematch | Rematch
Redux made easy with Rematch
Strapi v4 stable is live
Discover a new look of a more powerful CMS. Easily create and use plugins, make precise database queries, boost API performance - all that with Strapi v4!
Creating Generative Patterns with The CSS Paint API
The browser has long been a medium for art and design. From Lynn Fisher’s joyful A Single Div creations to Diana Smith’s staggeringly detailed CSS paintings, wildly creative, highly ski…
Modern CSS in a Nutshell
A friend recently shared his frustration with CSS development. I responded to him with a high-level overview of the current state of CSS. If you’re feeling a bit out of touch with modern CSS development, I hope this helps. You’d be surprised how much you can do with vanilla CSS nowadays!
Online CSS Analyzer - Project Wallace
Analyze your website's CSS in this fast, detailed analyzer. Enter a URL of paste in your raw CSS and get near-instant analysis.
3D CSS Flippy Snaps With React And GreenSock — Smashing Magazine
One of Jhey’s main mantras is to make learning fun. In this article, he shows you ways to level up your skills by bringing your ideas to life, and not forgetting that [you can be playful with code]( With that mindset, every idea is bound to become an opportunity to try something new.
Atmos - Create UI color palettes with ease
Use tailored tools to find colors, generate uniform shades and fine-tune your palette.
Let’s Understand Chrome V8: Those Secrets You Don’t Know About Execution
Chapter 13: V8 Execution source code analysis
Sometimes, Javascript is not the Right Answer
Let’s talk about some use cases where you’re better of not using JS
Using WebAssembly (created in Rust) for Fast React Components |
In this blog post we will learn how to leverage the Rust programming language to compile WebAssembly which we will then use in our React application. This gives us access to low-level components to speed up our code!
How To Maintain A Large Next.js Application — Smashing Magazine
In this article, Nirmalya discusses some of the complex problems that he faced while building and maintaining large Next.js applications. He always explains how these problems can be solved by using various tools.
15 Interesting Repositories on Github You Probably Didn’t Know Existed
Fakeflix, Faker, Luckysheet, and more.
GitHub - kdeldycke/awesome-falsehood: 😱 Falsehoods Programmers Believe in
😱 Falsehoods Programmers Believe in. Contribute to kdeldycke/awesome-falsehood development by creating an account on GitHub.
Upgrade Guide (v4) | NextAuth.js
NextAuth.js version 4 includes a few breaking changes from the last major version (3.x). So we're here to help you upgrade your applications as smoothly as possible. It should be possible to upgrade from any version of 3.x to the latest 4 release by following the next few migration steps.

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