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We found TOP 5 Easter Eggs

When thinking of Easter Eggs, we usually think of coloured eggs, BUT in the world of digital technology, Easter Eggs have another meaning. For our developers, the Easter Egg hunt means searching through programs, video games, hardware and the web to find the hidden features placed there for no practical reason, other than to entertain.

Our TOP 5 Easter Eggs

1. The Useless Web

This was a nice find! The useless web is a collection of all things quirky and weird on the internet. It redirects you to a different weird website and makes you think twice about why exactly this was created in the first place. If you're interested to learn more about the idea behind the website check it out HERE

Useless web

2. Do a Barrel Roll

This Easter Egg is one of those things you don't know about the Google Search Page. If you go on Google and do a search for "Do a Barrel Roll" you'll find a surprise. We won't spoil it for you, so just check it out yourself. 😉

3. Is this Ship Still Stuck?

Another Easter egg the team found on the internet. This one will surprise you. Check out the website and leave the page open for a while ... Don't jump out of fear the way we did though!🤣

Is the ship stuck?

4. Friendsss

Who else is a fan of the show Friends? This sitcom comedy aired in the '90s but all the characters in it are still very much known and popular today. At least one of our teammates (that we know of) is always binging the show, so that says a lot.😉

If you're a fan of the show like we are, do a google search for any of the character names and you'll find something amusing. For starters, check out Joey Tribbiani and click on the Pizza icon.


5. The Dinosaur Game

For sure you've been in a situation where your internet went out and you were stuck, unable to do that Google search. When this happens, you can't access the web BUT you can spend that time doing something fun.

Just imagine ... you just got disconnected and this page is the only one visible on your Google ... 😥

Dinosaur Game

Whenever this page comes up, use your arrow keys to activate the dinosaur, and there you go - it's a Dinosaur Game. 🦖 Play a game and have some fun, instead of staring at your screen until the internet is restored.