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VueToronto 2019

Here is Evan You creator of Vuejs 🌟struck to meet “Cloud Spider” Chris Visser

We sent our amazing Spider to VueToronto meeting this months. We thought an aspiring Vue.js Developers atmosphere would be great for him to learn and develop.

"On November I had the privilege to travel all the way to Canada with my wife to attend VueConf Toronto on behalf of and paid by Passionate People and Frontend Love. Both VueConf and our own brand Vue Amsterdam share of course 1 big thing. Vue. But then again, the experience on VueConf was different then ours and I really loved it!

The best element was the unique round table setting with a low stage. This promoted interaction with other attendees. It also gave an intimate vibe where both speakers and attendees were mixed and close to the stage. Phil Hawksworth - The emcee was able to turn that vibe into a lovely whole.

Great experience! Thank you so much Passionate People for the opportunity!"

Thanks to this visit we were able to secure an answer MC in Divya Sasidharan đŸ”„

We look forward to hear from Evan again at Vuejs Amsterdam goes Vuejs Global as part of the Frontend Love summer conferences

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