Article featured image Virtual get-together on the Passionate Island ๐Ÿ–๏ธ
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Virtual get-together on the Passionate Island ๐Ÿ–๏ธ

Last Friday at Passionate People we had our very first virtual get-together on Borrel.appโ€™s 3D island!

๐Ÿ–๏ธ We virtually sat around the fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ played some hoops ๐Ÿ€ , and had a great time enjoying the virtual beach ๐ŸŒด๐Ÿš .

It was such an amazing experience during these difficult times. The suggestion came from one of our newest members of the team: Tim!

For this first test, we were there with a total of 8 colleagues: Tim van den Eijnden, Nick van Dijk, Gift Egwuenu, Marco Ferreira, Chris Visser, Timo Heddes, Alexander Esselink, and Israel Roldan Leon. But weโ€™re strongly considering having more meetings like this one!

Thank you everyone for joining ๐Ÿคฉ

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