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Top 3 Reasons Why Developers Should Join Passionate People

You’ve been working as a JavaScript engineer for a couple of years, but lately, you feel like you’ve started to lose your passion. Your current position doesn’t make you as enthusiastic, and your company culture is not what you initially expected.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

At Passionate People, we’re heard over and over again that working with us is different. That’s because we’re equally dedicated to our clients, as we are to our colleagues.

Here are three reasons why you should definitely consider joining Passionate People.

It’s always about the employee.

1. Be Surrounded By The Best JavaScript Engineers In Their Field

  • Work alongside an elite team of 50+ high-performing JavaScript engineers from diverse (cultural and technical) backgrounds.

  • Besides directly contributing to frameworks such as Vue and Nuxt, our colleagues are continuously providing professional workshops at an advanced level in React, TypeScript, Design Patterns, and more.

  • Many of them are also speakers at conferences, open-source contributors, as well ambassadors and Google Developer Experts.

We invest a lot in education. Our developers are always eager to learn.

2. Work With Leading Brands & Start-ups In The Netherlands

  • We are honoured to be trusted by the leading brands and start-ups in the Netherlands, including Albert Heijn, Grandvision, ANWB, Rodeo, VodafoneZiggo, Ahold Delhaize, and many others. Our clients come from different sectors, such as Fintech, Eccom, EV, Sustainability, Project Management, which means that there’s a variety of projects to choose from!

  • When searching for a project that best fits your passion and interests, we focus on finding you the best possible work with the simple objective of making you happy and keeping you happy.

It’s a great advantage for developers to work at Passionate People, not only because they have the opportunity to network, participate, or even speak at our conferences, but also because of our wide variety of clients.

3. Great Company Culture And Benefits

  • Maintaining a great connection with our colleagues is the most important thing for us. Over the years, we have organized countless trips (to Paris, Berlin, or Barcelona) and regular fun activities to do together – such as go-karting with the team, Friday drinks in the office, pub quizzes, and countless others.

  • We also have weekly meetings, dedicated slack channels for each framework,knowledge-sharing panel discussions and internal coding challenges – all in the interest of ensuring your growth!

Maintaining a great connection with our colleagues is the most important thing for us.

Bonus benefit: let’s not forget about the fact that you get to be part of some of the largest and most epic JavaScript conferences in the world!

Starting in February 2018 with Frontend Love and Vue.js Amsterdam, we are now responsible for many other conferences in Europe under the Frontend Love brand: React Live, AngularNL, Vue.js Amsterdam, and JS World Conference.

At Passionate People, we are not only focusing on great technology skills, but also on making sure you will be able to grow as an all-rounded person. So, if you want to work at a place that will allow you to build things that matter, Passionate People is the place for you.

Sounds intriguing? Then reach out to us today and let’s see where you might fit in our team!