Sponsors: React Live 2019

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React live 2019 offered an innovative outlook on recent React trends and challenges. As tradition has it, React live is a unique opportunity to watch 10+ React and React Native experts sharing their knowledge from Theater Amsterdam stage.React Live 2019 was held on 13th September with over 1000 attendees enjoying 13 talks by our skilled React  speakers from around the globe. Our CTO and devops engineer David den Toom was among the 13 inspirational speakers, and he gave a talk in front of 870+ attendees at Theater Amsterdam about MicroFrontends.

You can watch his full talk on Youtube with this link!

The conference is monitored by the leading React Gurus worldwide to deliver quality content to a large audience throughout the world.Attendees  enjoyed HD online React talk streams, speaker Q&A Sessions, Panel Discussions & Tech Chat channels. This was a great opportunity to teach from the best colleagues and participate in a community event.

React live is nothing but incredibly enthusiastic companies trying to enrich React enthusiasts internationally and challenge their knowledge for the better. Companies such as Passionate People was a platinum sponsor of React live 2019, surprising frontend enthusiasts with numerous free tickets to the event.

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