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Relocating to the Netherlands: Sohrab’s Story

Although he joined Passionate People a bit more than two months ago as a Front-end Developer, Sohrab has only now managed to relocate to the Netherlands due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

Born and raised in Iran, Sohrab has lived and worked in Finland and Germany before moving to the Netherlands. He has been working as a front-end developer since 2012, has quite a long history of using Vue.js (since version 0.11!), and he is also a fan of React.

It was through the Vue.js World Conference that he initially heard about Passionate People. Later on, Sohrab was recommended the company by Pooya, one of our immensely talented developers, who used to be his colleague back in Iran — what a small world!

After having previously relocated two of our current developers from both Iran and Nigeria, our COO Nick van Dijk has yet again proved to be a great help in relocating Sohrab to the Netherlands.

Nick took care of all the paperwork, I just signed a couple of documents and showed up at the embassy, where he also managed to get us an early appointment. Then, he helped us find an apartment remotely, did apartment viewing for us and showed us the places via video call.

Nick even helped us choose a good neighbourhood, took care of moving our furniture from Berlin to Amsterdam, and even took utilities and internet for our new apartment. When we arrived, he had left us a welcome card with beautiful flowers at our apartment.

At Passionate People, we go to great lengths to ensure that our employees are happy, and it’s our main ambition to create a space that allows our engineers to focus on the work that they enjoy doing.

Engineering is our baseline — but providing a qualitative working culture for our employees is among our top priorities.

We’re always on the lookout for talented developers ready to expand the frontiers of technology. Are you one of those people? Drop us a message!