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Passionate People: The Beginnings

Over the past decade, digital innovation and accelerated speed have become an overriding imperative for companies worldwide.

Having been a recruiter since 2003 and focusing on the tech industry, Luke Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Passionate People, was highly aware of the increasingly competitive state of the market.

As the marketspace started to get more competitive and the technology industry became an important enabler for businesses to achieve their digital goals, it got increasingly harder for companies to find the right people. To me, this felt like the right time to get our foot in the door. Having worked for such a long time in the recruitment industry, I knew I was well able to find the right people for a specific job.

The idea of starting Passionate People came to Luke around 2016, after generating countless candidates for other consulting firms and learning everything there is to learn about the industry. By this point, he and Nick van Dijk, current COO and co-founder of Passionate People, had been organizing regular meet-ups within the JavaScript community in Amsterdam.

We were doing a lot of meetups in Amsterdam, which allowed us to build a bigger network than, let’s say, a standard recruitment company. For us, this wasn’t just about placing candidates at clients, but rather, this was about building a community in a specific marketplace.

Similar to Luke, Nick van Dijk had also been working in the recruitment industry before starting building the foundations of Passionate People in October 2017.

Although both Luke and Nick had vast experiences when it came to hiring talent and spotting the right developers, they were still looking for the right person that would bring a more technical perspective into the business.

We first spoke to David in June 2017. By that point, we were eager to find someone that would not only match us from a cultural point of view, but would also fill our technical needs. We found David through our meetups in Amsterdam, and, after a couple of discussions, we knew immediately that he was the right person we would like to start a company with.

Within a few days, Luke, Nick, and David sat down together to discuss the initial steps of what would later become the leading JavaScript consultancy in the Netherlands. Today, 3 years and a half later, our team consists of 50+ JavaScript specialists, who are actively consulting at 25 different clients.

I joined Passionate People because I wanted to be more involved with meetups and the community, and I really wanted to do more than just consultancy. Also, joining a small team and growing with it together was the best experience possible for me.

We are proud to have a team that spans approximately 20 nationalities from all over the world. Since the very beginning, our focus has been simple: keeping both our clients and our colleagues happy. We’re not planning to stop doing that anytime soon.


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