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Passionate People HQ Opening 💟

Have you ever been at the Passionate People HQ?

It is a really extraordinary office and now it is even becoming better! 🤩 Besides adjustable tables and comfortable chairs, we have table tennis, shuffleboard, pinball machine, play station even a bar! 🏓👾🍾

Are you curious how it looks like now and what is our "new" mechanic doing up there?

We opened our new office on the 15th of June 2019. We started with a little introductory session for the new colleagues, followed by a delicious lunch in the canteen. Obviously, Mariokart and FIFA championships were essential to start off the new office. When we were all busy cheering for the video game geeks, Lars, served with the best cocktails ever, therefore, we were not thirsty by the time the food truck arrived with our appetising dinner. We finished this amazing day with a funny karaoke session. 🎈