Passionate Ladies

Published by — 10 months ago

Passionate Ladies are our three wonderful women colleagues at Passionate People, who supports the success of our business with their contribution every day.

Few words about our non-developer colleagues' positions:

Nikolett Brandner

💟 Student at SAE Institute Amsterdam studying Audio Production

💟 Audio and Video Producer of both Passionate People and Frontend Love

💟 Recording and Mixing Engineer of the Podcast of Frontend Love

Gvantsa Garsevanishvili

💟 First contact of Clients at Passionate People

💟 Co-Organiser and first approach of Sponsors at Frontend Love

Fanni Fejes

💟 Bit of HR, bit of Social Media Contributor bit of Event Organizer, bit of Junior Change Manager at Passionate People

💟 Event Coordinator, Organiser & Social Media Contributor at Frontend Love

Do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions!

They are always happy to grab a ☕!


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