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Our Developers about the company

Passionate People has really allowed me to fall in love with my craft again.

Passionate People is really the meeting of minds!

I am surrounded by people who inspire me.

Passionate People feels like we have this pool of knowledge, where everyone has their own strength and weaknesses. We help each other, it feels like we are family!

After the all-hands meetings, I get filled with inspiration.

What do you can get by hiring a Passionate Developer? Always fresh perspective!

You get exposure to conferences and community, speaking at meetups and conferences through Passionate People.

Passionate People is something different. There is no other company like Passionate People. The company really cares about the people.

Freedom to developers is given here. They can choose whatever they want to learn.

It feels like a family here.

Developers are so skilled and have so much passion. At the same time they are full of respect and support each other.

Everything is motivated by our passion for innovating and building things that last.