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No anniversary without a cake!

Since it is not possible to celebrate the Passionate People anniversary together, we wanted to sweeten up our beloved family members' day and surprise them with cake. No more and no less than 50 cakes 🍰 😱 has woken our top Javascript developers and non-developers up today.

We cannot be more proud of the culture we have built up during these 3 years

  • Humility
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Helping each other out
  • Fun
  • Excellent Communication in both Dutch and English
  • Great Team Spirit

Each one of our colleagues shares these traits and want to improve and grow day by day. For this reason, we cannot be more proud of all our team! 🎈

We are so glad to have them all! Enjoy the cake!😍

Want to have a piece of cake too? Apply today!

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