New Joiner: Natalie

Published by — about 2 months ago

Welcome to the Team Natalie Dam!

Nathalie was one of the first graduate recruiters I trained when I was her manager at Progressive Recruitment circa 2006-2008

It’s amazing that our paths have crossed again. Nathalie was Rookie of the Year in 2007 and it’s already clear her skills have continued to develop over the years.

As ever it’s her passion and motivation to succeed that separate her from the rest. When discussing this summer with David den Toom what other hires would help our business it was account management that stood out.

It seems my recruitment skills haven’t left me just yet. I found and messaged one person which of course was Nathalie.

Any clients needed extra resource or current customers wanting to know how Passionate People - External Engineering can help, please feel free to contact Nathalie Dam

[email protected]

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