New Joiner: Letizia

Published by — 8 months ago

Letizia Magnini, our new graphic designer is the master of using computer software to create inspiring and eye-catching designs. She is already working on something extraordinary. Stay tuned!

Fun facts about Letizia:

🔘 She is Italian.

🔘 She is passionate about graphic, photography, calligraphy, music and handmade goods.

🔘 "I am awesome because I choose every day to give the best of me."

🔘 "I was a hip-hop dancer, and I won the national dance competitions."

" I joined Passionate People because I wanted to be part of this amazing team! This is also my first real work experience here in the Netherlands. Also, I love challenges."

Welcome to Passionate Ladies, welcome to Passionate People! Happy to have you among us!

Ready to see new visual concepts of Passionate People?

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