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New Joiner: Gift Egwuenu

Meet the newest addition to the Passionate People family! The incredibly talented Gift Egwuenu is a Frontend Engineer and Content Creator based in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, her passion is to make the web accessible to everyone. She is an advocate for building open-source projects and enjoys solving complex problems using web technologies. She is also a big supporter of building open and inclusive communities which led to her starting the JAMstack community in Lagos. Besides being an expert in frontend development, Gift also enjoys cooking, photography, and watching Netflix in her free time (Netflix team nights pending!).

Gift joined the family last August, initially working remotely from home in Nigeria. After some time, she decided to relocate to Haarlem and our COO Nick was there to help her find a new house, and get started in this new country! She even created a Youtube video with all the details and some tips about moving to the Netherlands! Check it out here!

Co-organizer of the Concatenate Conference, Media Developer Expert at Cloudinary, and Auth0 Ambassador, she often speaks at Conferences and events such as JamstackConf virtual, Headless Commerce Summit or Vuejs Global.

Her latest talk was at Vuejs Global Conference in September 2020, the first online edition of this two-day event filled with 25 Vue experts sharing their knowledge with our audience around the world! Gift spoke about JAMstack and the Static Site Generation with Gridsome which you can check out here! In her own words:

I had a fantastic time speaking and attending Vuejs Global. I had such a good time at the conference, even though it was online and we all miss attending in-person conferences. This one didn't feel so much like that because the community made it come alive. There were so many memorable moments during the conference.🎉

She also sat down for an interview before the conference with Tim Benniks, where she shared her tech career journey from working remotely from Nigeria to moving to Europe, her experience with diversity programs and breaking barriers, and her favorite CMS - Netlify! She also elaborated on starting the first Vuejs workshop for women in Lagos and the struggles of explaining why female-focused communities are so important in the tech world. Curious? See it yourself here!

During the virtual 2020 edition of JamStackConf, Gift gave a very informative Nuxt workshop on the topic of “Building from scratch with Nuxtjs”. Shortly after, she became an official Nuxt ambassador with the help of our very own Pooya Parsa, who’s the head of the framework! We are very grateful to have two such experts in this framework on our team! To commemorate this, Debbie O’Brien, one of the core team members of Nuxt.js, organized a virtual coffee meeting with all the ambassadors, during which they talked code, the future of Nuxt, and everyday life. You can see the entire thing here!

Read what Gift had to say for that:

I am excited to share that I've been invited to become a NuxtJS Ambassador 💃 I am happy, honoured and looking forward to creating more technical content on Nuxt.js!

Most recently, Gift participated in the one-day event organized by Nimbella, called “3 hours of Jamstack Conference” and she spoke on the topic of JAMstack FTW: Static Site Generation with Gridsome. We are looking forward to seeing what she’ll bring to our Frontend Developer Week in 2021! Get your ticket here!

At the moment, Gift is working in the Passionate People online Conference alongside with our Engineer Manager, Israel. As the holiday season is coming, Passionate People is organising an internal one-day online conference for our team to celebrate our growth, success and community in 2020!  🥂 Sound exciting?

As we have mentioned before, Gift is also a Content Creator and super active on social media platforms, creating stunning content  for the Passionate People developers.  Moreover, she has her own Youtube channel, where she shares all kinds of tips and info for tech but also personal content! Check them out!

Have you ever wondered what a day of a Passionate Developer looks like, especially in a remote world?” Find the link here!

For this video, Gift filmed  a day of how her life as a remote frontend developer looked  like when she was still working from home in Lagos, Nigeria for our company Passionate People. ( At the moment she is doing the same but from the beautiful Haarlem in the Netherlands 🎉

“We are super proud of our new joiner Gift!” Read what Github wrote about her here!

Gift connects locally and globally from Lagos, Nigeria to build open source communities. In her words:

Open source is great , but the community is more important. It’s not just about contributing to this project or that project. You actually get to be part of the community and interact with people.

As you can see, Gift is an irreplaceable team member of Passionate People, always keen for learning new things and sharing all her knowledge with the community! Thank you, Gift!  💜