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Life of Pooya Parsa

Freedom to developers is given at Passionate People. They can choose whatever they want to learn.

One year ago, we had the honor of welcoming one of the best frontend developers on the tech scene right now, Pooya Parsa! Pooya made the brave choice of moving from Iran to the Netherlands with the assistance of our COO, Nick van Dijk. We couldn’t be more grateful to Nick for doing such an excellent job in not only finding the best-suited projects for our excellent developers but helping them start their lives right here in the Netherlands.

He picked Pooya up from the airport and after his short stay at the Student Hotel in Amsterdam, he helped him find a house in the nearby Haarlem. He even went with him to IKEA to help him buy his furniture and make the place cozy! Unfortunately, while Pooya might be an expert in building JavaScript libraries and apps, even he struggles building IKEA furniture!

Pooya’s curiosity and love of experimentation not only apply to coding, he also loves to do it while cooking! One of his super-secret chef tips is using salt with orange juice! He says people look at him like he’s crazy but the old saying goes that every genius has a bit of madness in him ;) A big animal lover, Pooya has two cats at home, Nani and Pani, one of which was a fluffy gift from his colleagues at Passionate People themselves!

Pooya has been an inseparable part of our gatherings. He participated in his welcome steak and beer dinner with 11 of his coworkers at the Halloween party. The Halloween party was the largest family event organized at Passionate People! He also accompanied us to our team-building trip to Barcelona, where we enjoyed the sun, the sea, and some good beer!

Aside from being a terrific developer, Pooya is also a talented speaker and made his debut speaking about Nuxt.js at the first-ever Vue meetup in Iran! Other events quickly followed, such as Frontend Love Eindhoven, a tiny but exclusive conference with around 300 attendees, where we gathered industry-leading speakers for a one-day event of learning, collaboration, and most importantly, fun! Pooya wowed everyone with his sensational talk on The Evolution of Modern Web and Homo Frontendalis! Click here to watch it!

He followed it up with speaking at a VueJS Meetup organized by Frontend Love and sponsored by Passionate People, along with Vignesh Shenoy. Pooya talked about the story of how he got involved with the lovely Vue.js community by creating a component library (BootstrapVue) and things he has learned by shaping an OSS team. He also gave a short introduction of boilerplate-less philosophy and a case-study of module-based development with Nuxt.js.

In December, Pooya got the opportunity to visit the city of light, Paris, for the DotJS Paris conference. He was sent there by our Passionate People team to learn, develop, and socialize with other top names in the development industry, something he hadn’t had the chance to before. We wanted to give him all the help he needed to flourish his potential.

At the start of this year, Pooya celebrated his birthday and got a fluffy grumpy cat as a present from his coworkers at Passionate People!

February was a big month for Pooya as he stepped in as technical director during the organization of Vuejs Amsterdam! Along with another one of our developers, Chris Visser, he was instrumental in organizing the line-up. By doing that, Chris hosted 27 world-famous speakers. Pooya was also among those 27, and it was a huge honor for him as it was his first time speaking on a big stage in front of more than 2000 people! His friends watched his Livestream from the other side of the globe, and one of them even won a frontend license for Vuemastery during an online contest! If you have missed his talk on Deep Dive into Nuxt, watch it here! Lastly, Pooya helped create some very informative podcast episodes by interviewing the speakers and having lovely conversations with the leaders of the frontend world.

March brought a very different reality for all of us, and like the rest of the world, Passionate People had to adapt too! Virtual Meetups became the norm and started getting organized every week to keep the community engaged and bring positiveness during these times. Since then, there have been a total of 13 online meetups with around 32 speakers giving virtual talks about Nuxt & Static Sites, Creative Coding with Svelte, Building Accessible Components in React, Functional Programming, and many more! Pooya was also a distinguished guest speaker at one of these events, and he spoke about the State of Nuxt Functions! See for yourself here!

In April, we surprised our developers with a lunch package delivered at home to enjoy while they work from home! Pooya was also part of this (hungry) group!

Another big event this year was the Vue.js Global online conference, brought to you by Vue.js Amsterdam on September 17 & 18! This exceptional event in the fall gathered more than 25 leading experts from 20 different countries in the industry and revealed exclusive news by Evan You! Pooya was also one of the people that shared his invaluable experience with the audience with his talk on Nuxt Architecture. You can check the latter here!


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Fun facts about Pooya:

  • Poya is happy when others around him are happy.
  • His spirit animal is a cat.
  • According to him, orange juice with salt “Tastes like Heaven.”