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Israel Roldan: A Day in the Life of an Engineering Manager

With 10+ years of experience in the digital industry, Israel Roldan became Passionate People’s first Engineering Manager in December 2019, just in time for the ensuing turmoil brought about by the Covid19 pandemic.

In his role, Israel is responsible for building a high-performance consulting practice, constantly prioritizing the growth and well-being of our developers.

The way that I describe what I do is that I try to connect everything and everyone inside Passionate People.

According to Israel, there is no such thing as a typical day in the life of an Engineering Manager. He generally navigates a wide range of responsibilities, which are usually split into three parts: managerial, technical, and administrative.


Perhaps the most important part of Israel’s role, people management is the key to ensuring a well-defined consulting practice. Among other things, Israel is tasked with defining and executing an engineering on-boarding process and has regular 1:1s to facilitate internal and external communication.

Moreover, as the Covid19 pandemic has completely changed the way in which we used to collaborate internally, it was one of Israel’s main responsibilities to find new and creative ways to maintain our company culture while working remotely.

We were always very keen on sharing knowledge, but we relied a lot on in-person meetings to do so.

One of the first things he did at the beginning of the pandemic was starting a new weekly call, which allowed our colleagues to stay in touch with each other, as well as discuss their projects, learnings, and challenges.

Besides these meetings, which highly focus on knowledge sharing, Israel has also put together various online social activities to allow our colleagues to spend some qualitative time together that does not only involve working.


Coupled with people management, technical work is also a big part of Israel’s role. This includes, among other things, taking ownership of the technical processes and ecosystems needed for internal projects to run smoothly, successfully and at scale.

During the weekly call, Israel also puts together a list of technical resources that he believes might be useful for our colleagues’ day-to-day jobs. These include new announcements in the technology space, new releases, blog posts, etc.

I really enjoy when my colleagues are sending me interesting articles to share during this meeting because this means they recognize the value of this practice.

Previous to becoming an Engineering Manager, Israel worked as a Consultant Tech Lead, providing internal and external consulting advice in almost every aspect of Web Development and Engineering.

Although the time spent on writing and reviewing code has decreased now that his managerial responsibilities have become more prominent, it is still very important for Israel to spend at least some of his time keeping up-to-date with the coding space.

Some of his favourite frameworks include Vue.js – which he has been using consistently for the past two years – and he especially appreciates the community side of it.


It is no secret that besides managerial and technical work, Engineering Managers need to dedicate a lot of their time towards administrative work. For Israel, this includes working closely with almost all of Passionate People’s departments, answering questions in Slack, providing feedback to various team members, etc.

At Passionate People, we are not only focusing on great technology skills, but also on making sure you will be able to grow as an all-rounded person. So, if you want to work at a place that will allow you to build things that matter, Passionate People is the place for you.

As such, no day looks the same for our Engineering Manager. From empowering our team, communicating efficiently with every department of our company, as well as taking on lots of administrative tasks to ensure a smooth internal collaboration, there’s nothing that Israel cannot do!

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