Article featured image International Women's Day!🌸
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International Women's Day!🌸

Where there is a woman there is magic 🔥 🔥 🔥

We do not only want to satisfy our clients by providing the best consultants possible, but we also aim to assure that our developers and non-developers work in an environment where they feel respected and appreciated.

Yesterday due to International Women’s Day, we surprised our Passionate Ladies and sent a nice bouquet to each of them. Flowers always make people better, happier they say. 🌻

We highly appreciate your efforts and contribution to our exciting journey together as both professional consultants and beautiful souls.

Words cannot describe how grateful we are for our creative, innovative, ambitious, competitive and delightful Passionate Ladies who are worthy advocates of the company!

They are not only familiar with the most used and hottest frameworks and libraries, but also have great communication skills and most importantly, passion. 💜

Our Passionate Ladies:

* Gvantsa Garsevanishvili (Business Development Specialist)

* Nikolett Brandner (Audio and Video Producer)

* Fanni Fejes (Business Development Specialist)

* Alison Thomas (Sponsorship and Employer Branding Specialist)

* Daria Ivanovich (Frontend Developer)

* Irene Renkens (Software Engineer)

Passionate People would not be the same without its

Passionate Ladies! 🎉💜

“A little something for International Women’s Day. We all know the world couldn’t run without women, this is the day to appreciate your efforts!

Thank you! 🌹

Luke Thomas, Nick van Dijk, David den Toom"