Article featured image How We Maintained Top Productivity During Covid19
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How We Maintained Top Productivity During Covid19

As we have slowly begun to settle into our new work-from-home reality, fostering engagement and productivity in the daily lives of our colleagues has become one of our main priorities over the last year.

This unprecedented situation, however, is yielding some fascinating insights into the way in which we should organize our work, as well as making us find the best creative ways to stay as productive as possible, despite the circumstances.

Here is a list of key things we have done to ensure unparalleled productivity and effective collaboration during the Covid19 pandemic:

1. Ensuring everyone is well-equipped to work from home

  • At the very beginning of the pandemic, one of the first things we did was to ensure that everyone has a proper set up at home that fosters productivity. Making sure that our engineers had everything they needed in order to perform at the same level and deliver their projects from home was an absolute must.

2. Weekly online meetings

  • Every Thursday, our Engineering Manager, Israel Roldan, organizes an online meeting where everyone can hop by and say hello to each other, and discuss their projects, successes, and challenges.

  • This is also an important moment for our developers to share knowledge amongst each other, discuss various insights, and help one any other if needed.

3. Coding challenge

  • An initiative by Harijs Deksnis, our colleague and Full-Stack Engineer, the weekly coding challenge allows our developers to have fun whilst learning and being productive.

  • At the beginning of each week, Harijs presents a new coding challenge, and the winner is announced during the All-Hands meeting on Thursday.

4. Maximizing Slack for increased productivity

  • We have created separate focus groups on a variety of topics, allowing our developers to share and gain knowledge on the latest tips and tricks in the industry.

  • Some topics we are currently covering are #advent-of-code, #angularland, #articles, #aws, #coding-challenges, #consulting-excellence, #designops, #devtalks, #functional-programming, #gcp, #learning-in-public, #reactland, #svelteland, #vueland, #working-in-public.

5. Internal panel discussions on various topics of interest

  • We’ve started panels focusing on different hot topics, which allow for in-depth conversations, debates, and Q&A sessions.

  • We’ve recently had our first one, which focused on architecture, and the feedback was amazing!

6. Capitalizing on the latest technology

  • We constantly make sure we’re up-to-date with the latest technology and we work hard to accumulate the necessary knowledge required to bring our clients’ digital output to the next level.

7. To each – their own

  • We make sure to give everyone their space to express what areas of knowledge they’re most interested in and what they would like to learn about.

  • From Cloud, Cryptography, Kubernetes, TypeScript, to Podcasts for Developers, Computer Science, or AWS – there’s something for absolutely everyone.

8. Avoiding micromanaging

  • Of course we ensure that everyone is well looked after and equipped with everything they need to successfully do their job.

  • However, we firmly believe that employees should also be free to have freedom in deciding how to go about their tasks. Over-management could easily hinder an employee’s growth, therefore we like to encourage our colleagues to work the way at their own pace.

9. Engagement and inspiration

  • Being productive is, without the shade of a doubt, a result of being satisfied with your company’s culture and work-life balance.

  • At Passionate People, we like to take good care of our employees - and put their well-being first. It is well known that the better a company looks after its employees, the better its performance. We can certainly confirm this is true.

  • To find out about some of the things we’ve been doing to maintain our company culture during Covid19, click here.

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