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Happy Birthday Passionate People!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Passionate People - External Engineering 🎂🍰🎈

Passionate People is now a company of 50 Full-Time employees in just 3 years. We have hired 20-30 Frontend Developers in 2018, and we have worked alongside 70+ Clients with 90% of those customers extending our developers.

As a company, we have more than a few things to be proud of:

✔️ We have developers contributing to frameworks such as Svelte, Meteor, Vue & Nuxt. Not to forget the best Fullstack, React, Angular & Node engineers in the 🇳🇱

✔️ Our developers still worked for clients and were not benched in 2020.

✔️ Passionate People has not taken government support during the Corona Crisis.

✔️ We had our first Company Holiday to Barcelona in October 2019. 2020 version is, of course, postponed. 😞

✔️ But the thing we are most proud of is our culture of humanity, great team spirit, helping each other and of course fun! ♥️

Even during these difficult times, the Passionate People family has done an extraordinary job. Great to have you all with us, we cannot be more proud! 🤩

We focussed on hiring the top Javascripters possible here in

🇳🇱 so feel free to join us! Drop us an email:

💬, lukethoma[email protected]