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Going Beyond Development

Within the Passionate People team, it is fairly common the hear the phrase “going beyond development” – but what exactly do we mean by it?

What does “Going Beyond Development” mean?

Since October 2017, our company has experienced phenomenal growth, and our 50+ developers are actively consulting at 25+ clients. Because we always strive to maintain a great relationship with our clients, the services that our engineers offer very often tend to go beyond development.

What that means is that, besides our standard services that focus on hard-core software engineering, Passionate People developers consulting at different clients also focus on:

✅ taking up positions of leadership

✅ acting as mentors for junior members

setting up a team altogether

helping the product owner land an idea into something that can actually be implemented

How did it become a buzzword?

Started by Israel Roldan, our Engineering Manager, the phrase “going beyond development” has become a buzzword within the Passionate People team.

During our weekly All-Hands meeting, when our colleagues all get together to share the projects that they are all working on, Israel pointed out that many of our colleagues tend to go beyond development while working at a client.

That’s why, whenever we are looking for talent to join our team, we place a high emphasis on communication skills. Having good communicators in our team allows us to ensure a great client relationship. Our developers will bring a fresh set of eyes to established codebases, or new insight on how a particular implementation is behaving.

Our work as consultants means we also have to deal with organizational transformation, communication and pathfinding.

Ultimately, going beyond development is at the heart of how we generate excellent results for our clients.


Want to stay ahead in a rapidly changing digital world? Come to us to solve industry-defining challenges that go beyond development.

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