Article featured image Gift Egwuenu: Personal Branding for Software Engineers
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Gift Egwuenu: Personal Branding for Software Engineers

Taking place on May 21st, 2021, JSWORLD Conference USA did not only offer engineers the opportunity to master the future of JavaScript – but also contained talks focusing on levelling up as a software engineer.

After giving insightful talks on Building from Scratch with Nuxt.js, JAMstack FTW: Static Site Generation with Gridsome, Scaling your E-commerce with Vue Storefront and many others, Gift Egwuenu is back with another great topic for JSWORLD Conference USA – Personal Branding for Software Engineers.

In her talk, Gift explains how personal branding is as important as every other part of one’s career.

✅ What do people say about you when you are not in the room?

✅ Is this a question you often ask yourself?

✅ How do you stand out from a pool of engineers with the unique qualities that you bring to the table?

These are only some of the questions Gift tackles in her talk. She also shares what personal branding is and some actionable steps you can take to build a brand as a software engineer, as well as ways this can help pivot your career.

Personal Branding is a topic I've applied to my career and it's helped me in tremendous ways. I'm always very happy when it comes to sharing my knowledge with the community and also happy to learn from other members of the community. The best place I've seen this happening for me is at a conference.

Sharing knowledge is one of our main ambitions at Passionate People. In order to help spread the love for all things Frontend for the engineering communities all over the world, we’re offering you an exclusive look into Gift’s slides HERE.

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