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Find yourself!

Friday is always the fun day at Passionate People. Our developers are in the Passionate People HQ as well. 🎉

Even though, most of the day is filled with hard work, between hours of coding we always find some time to play table tennis, Mario Kart and shuffle board. A lovely lunch and some beers (or whiskey) are essential "ingredients" of the last working day of the week. 🏓🍺

Together is always better! In order to smuggle a little fun to today's homeoffice, we created the emojis of our Passionate People.

Can you find yourself? 😉

Alexander Esselink, Aman Tuladhar, Bart Langedijk, Benjamin Alexandre de Macedo Barreto, Christopher Stolk, Chris Visser, Daniel Alarcón Amador, Daria Ivanovich, David den Toom, Edgar Post, Fanni Fejes, Gvantsa Garsevanishvili, Harijs Deksnis, Israel Roldan Leon, Jean Baudin, Jurian Koning, Lars Tadema, Lesley van der Pol, Luke Thomas, Marco Ferreira, Maud Leray, Mettin Parzinski, Mihai Mijea, Mik de Vries, Mohamed Ben Mohamed, Nick van Dijk, Niels Kok, Nikolett Brandner, Oskar van Velden, Peter-Paul van Gemerden, Pieter van Dorst, Pooya Parsa, Rick Borst, Robbert Hagendoorn, Sander van den Akker, Timo Heddes, Tom Nchinda, Vijay . Bindraban, Virgil Mormon, Tjerk Woudsma, Irene Renkens, Jos Gerards

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