Some tips on how to start a Youtuber career!

Published by — about 2 months ago

Niki is our audio and video producer always behind the scenes. 🎬 She is the biggest fan when it comes to cameras 📷, microphones 🎤, visuals and sounds. She is responsible for streaming the conferences and she wants to talk about what is like behind the scenes and also share some tips! 💡

"It is interesting and challenging for me because there are numerous things happening simultaneously. I need to make sure that the sounds are working perfectly and that the correct prerecorded video goes live at a certain time because if something goes wrong the audience spots it out immediately."

Here are the tips:

✔️ Look for inspiration: anyone can create, therefore, anyone can find inspiration anywhere they care to look.

✔️ Plan your content ahead: this will not only keep you organised but also will save you time and stress if something unexpected happens.

✔️ Invest in the right equipment: this is a really important one. Quality is key if you want to improve your processes, productivity, capacity and results.

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