Article featured image Dexter: Svelte: the last framework we need?
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Dexter: Svelte: the last framework we need?

Dr. Svelte aka our amazing diablo master and Alexander Esselink, was on the stage as a speaker at the Largest #Javascript Conference in the Netherlands in February this year, Frontend Love Conference 2020 🥳 🇳🇱⁣

Dexter is a #FullStackEngineer and shares his love for #Svelte with all the tech community! In his speech, he interprets why Svelte is different and unique compared to other frameworks, and also shows how this enables him to create truly reactive apps.⁣ ✔

Sounds exciting, right? 😏

If you have not yet seen his speech about: "Svelte: the last framework we need?" ⁣then check out his video clicking on the following link⁣ ➡

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