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Developer Videos

It feels like a family here at Passionate People.

Roadtrips are great opportunities for developers who cannot attend our conferences in Amsterdam.

What I actually look for is the right person for the team.

I look at things from more the product perspective, what is it what we are trying to build. The code is one thing, but code is only serving a specific purpose.

Communication skills are more important than your JavaScript or CSS skills.

Just message the organizers!

The most important skill is to learning how to find information, becoming a professional "googler".

The biggest step is to just do it!

When you are a fairly new developer, it is easy to either get stuck into a particular environment or a particular platform. Take your time to just digest it, figure out how to connect with other areas that you have interest in. That's probably the best way to start and not feel that you need to know everything at once, because that is really difficult.

When you get someone from Passionate People inside your team, you are getting the whole Passionate People inside your team.

My primary goal or mission is to help my colleagues and all the members of the Passionate People team to do their best work.

When you propose a solution, there is going to be resistance, and that's ok!

Accept the fact that you don't know everything! Accept the fact that there will be people who know this and will use that to your advantage.

To me it feels like a huge responsibility. Not only because people do rely on your expertise, but they also rely on your support to make sure that the outcome of the solution is the best solution.

Continuous learning and trying to stay along with the industry and vanguard.

I'm really proud of my colleagues. We can always learn from each other.

Passionate People brought me friends, exposure to conferences, networking with the community.

If you enjoy your work and you know how to structure your own time and day.

Put yourself into situations where you are not feeling comfortable!

Pool of knowledge; because if you hire someone from Passionate People, I think you get all of us! If that person less first in one subject, they can access so much knowledge from all the other people working for Passionate People.

My nickname "The Spider" comes actually from one word: versatile, which basically means problem solver. And in order to solve a problem he needs to be versatile.