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Developer Stories: Mettin Parzinski

Mettin is one of our world class React Developer and incredible MC. He joined the Passionate family in August 2019 and he has been working on his project at Ahold ever since he joined, alongside David den Toom and Chris Visser.

I love being a developer because I can build stuff that has a big impact on users and businesses.

Our always funny and cheerful frontend developer Mettin has a wide variety of skills that include ReactJS, SASS, CSS, Frontend, Interaction Design, Photoshop, HTML5, Illustrator, PHP, ActionScript, LESS, WordPress, jQuery, MySQL, ActionScript and more.

If you are a junior developer who is starting his career now and searching for advice, check out Mettin's video on how to become an experienced engineer here! Mettin joined Passionate People because as he states, consultancy gives him the opportunity to get to know new people, gain different experience and change when he thinks that the learning curve is out and he is ready to learn something else, avoiding all the bureaucracy involved with changing from one company to another.

If I was a junior, starting from scratch now, I would probably find a good job at a solid company that has been along for a long time and learn there for a few years. Probably until you get to that point that I cannot learn anything new here anymore.

But Mettin is not only a talented fullstack Javascript Cloud expert, but also a Master of Ceremonies (MCing) at MANY epic Javascript conferences around the world. At the beginning of the year he had his first mc gig outside of the Netherlands and also the first time in the US! He was a co-MC for Chain React 2020 👏Later on, during June 2020, he was the in house global MC running the show for a global Javascript Conference from the comfort of his living room. Also, in October he was MCing at the biggest React conference worldwide, that had other 20k React engineers and 35 great speakers! And most recently, on the 5th and 6th of November, he was MC-ing in another great online event MLconfEU, the machine learning conference for engineers!

When he is not writing code, you can probably find him spending time with his little son, Quinn. The latest project they worked on together was building a playhouse in their backyard. As you can probably see, he is not only a ReactJS expert but a wonderful handyman too! During this time working from home, he created a web app to see just how much time can be saved by not commuting. Check it out! How much time are you saving?

I am passionate about having a laugh every day! 😊