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Developer Stories: Marco Ferreira

Marco Ferreira is our Senior Software Engineer from Portugal. He joined the Passionate People family in July 2018 and he is an expert in a variety of frameworks and libraries such as React.js TypeScript, Node.js, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes and many more! During his 2 years with us, Marco has worked on numerous projects for one of our biggest clients!

While working at Rodeo, he updated their big legacy app code with new features, keeping it both running and bug-free! He took his time to meticulously replace pieces of the legacy app with more mature and testable codewit in order to reach the end-goal of fully replacing the legacy app with a more modern micro-frontend approach. Some of the tools that came of use in this project were React, Redux, Node,js, Kubernetes, Bitrise, Docker, React Native etc.

As part of GrandVision, Marco was an important team member in their new and growing global Customer Experience & Digital (CX&D) team. Together, they helped define and drive a “true transformation” of the customer experience at GrandVision. For Marco, this was a fascinating journey of implementing a customer experience led omni-channel transformation across 44 countries, 29 retail brands, 6,800 brick-n-mortar stores, 52 websites and over 35,000 employees! (shocked emoji) He managed this outstanding feat with the help of tools such as GraphQL,Node.js, Jest, Enzyme, Bloomreach, CommerceTools, Auth0, React, AAD, TypeScript and others.

During his project for LeasePlan Digital/CarNext Digital, Marco took the lead in re-architecturing their app code into a  more logical hierarchical structure, which was welcomed and adopted. This helped not only with the better programming experience but sped up their on-boarding process for new developers to this new structure! Of course, Marco used his expertise in TypeScript, React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Express, Flow, OAuth, JWT, Jest and more to achieve this.

He was also a part of the first ever Passionate People in-house project lead and implemented completely by a Passionate People full-stack consultant team! Marco, along with our amazing developers Rick Borst, Sander van den Akker, Peter-Paul van Gemerden, and Mihai Mijea, implemented a new micro-service inside Rodeo’s architecture, in order to make a business-critical process more resilient and scalable! We couldn’t have asked for a better and more autonomous dream team!

Besides being an amazing software developer for more than 10 years, Marco is a wonderful IT professional who is also an irreplaceable part in all of our conferences, meetups, and workshops! During our amazing 2020 edition of Frontend Love and Vuejs Amsterdam conferences in February, Marco took leadership in controlling the live stream for the whole 3 days and made sure that every talk by the tech industry leaders were recorded to be uploaded as HQ videos on YouTube for those who couldn’t attend. With the switch to online conferences and meetups this year, Marco’s expertise in live streams has helped Passionate People and Frontend Love with the seamless integration to online events. Thanks to him, we are able to provide our audience with the same high quality insightful experiences as real-life conferences!

One of the qualities that makes Marco so brilliant and successful is his competitiveness! Once in a while we love to engage in friendly competition at Passionate People, and the drive to win is what makes Marco come out on top not only in his job but in his hobbies too! He was the fastest out of everyone when we went go karting, he’s always up for a good table tennis match, and during our New Year’s lunch in January he won the shuffleboard competition too!