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Developer Stories: Israel Roldan

Passionate People is really the meeting of minds!

Everything is motivated by our passion for innovating and building things that last.

Almost a year and a half ago, we had the pleasure to welcome Israel Roldan Leon, who came all the way from Mexico to join our family as a consultant tech lead. Since he moved to the Netherlands, he managed to ace the Dutch language and enriched his career by working at leading companies. He provided internal and external consulting advice in every aspect of Web Development and Engineering: Front-end, Back-end, WebOps, DesignOps, Release management, etc, working with frameworks such as AngularJS, Polymer, React, Svelte and VueJS daily.

But his talents do not stop here. Israel is also a fantastic speaker, and he proved himself by presenting “Advanced Vue.JS Features and Patterns in the Enterprise” at Frontend Love Eindhoven, a tiny but exclusive conference with around 300 attendees. We had the honor of gathering industry-leading speakers for a one-day event and learn, collaborate, and most importantly, have fun! Check out his talk here!

He followed this up by doing an amazing job during Frontend Love and VueJS 2020, the largest JavaScript and Vue Conferences in Europe with 3,000+ attendees flying in from 50+ Countries over 3 Full Days. He worked himself on both websites and coordinated all the internal developers who worked on them as well. He set up the walkie talkies, guided everyone from behind the scenes, and led the Q&A sessions.

But this is not all that Israel can do! When he’s not coding, you can probably catch him cooking delicious food, experimenting with new techniques and different flavors. As he would say “It’s like creating well-architected systems.” 🍕🥩🥞

In December 2019, Israel became our Engineering Manager, and as Passionate People’s first Engineering Manager, he is responsible for building a high performance consulting practice. He is a mentor for our developers, helping them continuously with both personal and professional development. In this role, he had several challenging ideas, especially regarding keeping the team together during covid times, such as:

All-hands meetings: Since Covid-19 started, along with tech and company updates, anniversary celebrations, and much more, he had the innovative idea of getting everyone more connected through a weekly call. He managed to create a truly inspiring atmosphere despite the difficult and uncertain times, where the developers were always more than delighted to share their experiences, challenges, and learnings regarding their hobbies and coding.

Round Table Experiment: an all-hands in meeting variation where some of our developers gathered around a virtual "round table", where we discuss various topics. How does this work? First, you need initial volunteers and pose a question for the afterward you need to share your perspective and pass the ball! You can join the conversation and then raise your hand (#zoom raise hand feature) or step back (🔴 red button - take a break zoom feature). Every discussion lasts for 4 sessions of 5-7 minutes.

Quarterly meetings: A summary of what happened in the last 3 months of the year within the company, projects, and new joiners. We have had three of them so far, in which Israel has always been the leader, presenting Passionate People’s objectives and achievements done so far during 2020.

"Everything is motivated by our passion for innovating and building things that last."

He is the main organizer of the internal Passionate People Conference in hand with Gift!

Apart from these activities, he is tasked as well with defining and executing the onboard process, having regular 1:1s to facilitate communication with the consulting customers, and taking ownership of the technical processes and ecosystems needed for internal projects to run smoothly, successfully, and at scale.

As you can see, Israel is an incredible multitasker. He can code websites, have 1-1s, organize conferences, and hold all-hands meetings with motivational speeches, all at the same time.

We all wonder when he sleeps!!!🤔