Developer Stories: Irene Renkens

Published by — about 2 months ago

Another welcome addition to our Passionate People Family this year was Irene Renkens! This brilliant developer is not only a valuable member of our dream team, but also part of the growing community of female developers at Passionate People! Irene joins three amazing female developers and four non-developer colleagues who keep strengthening our company!

Irene is a full stack developer with expertise in React, Node.JS, Go, Python and Kubernets. She’s currently working on a project for PwC which she absolutely loves! According to her, she loves being a developer because it allows her to create amazing things with the use of code!

In her free time, Irene is also a prolific musician who plays the piano, the drums, and bass! She loves travelling and she’s really good at Bejeweled/ Candy Crush type of games!

Dare you compete with her? 😉

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