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Developer Stories: Harijs Deksnis

Harijs is one of the developers that has been with us almost from the very beginning. He is a highly proactive member of Passionate Passionate People who also continuously contributes to the success of both Passionate People and Frontend Love. He is an experienced JavaScript/TypeScript Software Engineer, who is framework fluid when it comes to solving problems and finishing challenging tasks. He is a senior frontend developer at Passionate People, working on his project for 5 months at one of the biggest Dutch banks, Nationale Nederlanden, as a Frontend Lead.

Harijs loves his job as a developer, particularly the fact that it challenges him intellectually and there is always room for learning and improvement! He frequently attends various workshops, meetups, and conferences in order to keep up with all the latest developments in the tech industry, but he’s also an active contributor to the community and holds meetups and workshops himself! Some of these workshops include:

  • Passionate People: Functional programming workshop
  • ING: TypeScript workshops
  • Hoogendoorn Growth Management: Monthly Angular workshops

In the two years since his employment at Passionate People, Harijs has shared his expertise at numerous workshops, meetups and conferences. He was a speaker at Frontend Meetup | React, Frontend Industry and more, which was held at the TamTam Office in Rotterdam along with his colleague and our CTO David den Toom. His talk had a unique point of view about the past, present, and future of the frontend field. In January 2019, he took part in the Frontend Love Roadtrip Meetup in Youwe Rotterdam with around 50 community members in attendance! He gave an amazing talk on the topic of “Awesome RxJS”. Later that same year, in March, he spoke at AngularNL conference organized by Frontend Love and gave the audience some practical lessons from building large scale sophisticated dashboards. You can see his talk right here!

Aside from being a talented speaker, Harijs is also an astute interviewer and a solid help when it came to conducting interviews with speakers at the Frontend Love and Vuejs Amsterdam conferences in 2020. He had the chance to interview industry leaders such as: Evan You, Sander, Sara Drasner, Kitze, Evan You and Pooya Parsa, Tim Benniks and many more.

For some time now Harijs has also been our quiz master in our series “Frontend Quiz”! The debut of the Frontend Quiz was during the 2020 edition of Frontend Love Conference which we conducted on Kahoot and played on the huge 500m2 screen with more than 2000 attendees! We continued this tradition throughout the year as a way to make a difficult situation more fun with friendly competition and cool prizes!

Besides creating and running the Frontend Love Quizzes, he spoke at numerous meetups at the series of Frontend Love Virtual Meetups. Frontend Love Meetups are the most dynamic, inspiring and welcoming Meetups that are part of the Frontend Love brand, which also runs Javascript Conferences in The Netherlands.

  • 10759 members in Meetup Groups
  • Total Meetups organized 128
  • 9007 total attendees
  • Partnered with 58 Companies
  • Total speakers 172
  • 13 Meetup Groups

Harijs was an exclusive guest speaker at the first Frontend Love Virtual Meetup on March 19th 2020 with his talk on Type coercion in JavaScript which you can check out here! He came back for the 6th edition of the Frontend Love Virtual Meetup on April 30th to talk about going from being an Angular developer to a Fullstack developer in one go. You can hear him speak here!

Harijs is also super proactive at our weekly  All-Hands meetings every Thursday. As one of our top frontend consultants, he often shares insights in his presentations on how to make better arguments and ways to improve our argumentation skills as consultants.

Tips by Harijs:

  • Learn about your client and understand the project in depth
  • Build an image of confidence and leadership
  • Decision making as developers ⏩ choosing tech ⏩ making changes to code
  • Integrity and Honesty are key
  • It's okay to say "I don't know" and come back with more knowledge
  • Reviewing Cognitive Bias: Dunning Kruger and IKEA effect

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