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Developer Stories: Gift Egwuenu

Frontend developer. Content creator. Open-source advocate. Speaker and conference contributor. The list of activities that keep Gift Egwuenu busy and immersed in the technology space are endless, and she’s not planning to stop any time soon.

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Gift relocated to the Netherlands in 2020 to begin her journey as a Frontend Engineer at Passionate People. Ever since then, she has been growing exponentially, gaining experience working in various environments, with various people and a multitude of frameworks.

There are so many highlights when it comes to my career, but one of them is the fact that I get to work for Passionate People.

The technology world was something that attracted Gift from a very early age. In a video interview with the Passionate People team, Gift recounts how she would spend so much time playing on her computer as a child, trying out programs that taught her how to type as fast as she could – “I spent hours on that app,” she tells us.

Later on, Gift decided to study computer science, which offered her a more in-depth introduction to the programming world and helped her set the ground for a successful career in the technology field.

Passionate People was looking for a frontend developer as well as somebody that is well-versed in the community, and that is something that I feel like I bring to the table. It was a perfect match.

Soon after joining Passionate People, Gift began her first client project at Valtech, where she worked as a Frontend Development Consultant.

Her assignment entailed working on CI/CD enablement and content management integration for the client’s hiking platform, which was previously managed in a way that required constant manual intervention. For that reason, Gift’s aim was to help the team migrate from this strategy, by using a CMS approach. With this new CMS implementation, Gift was able to make very precise changes to the codebase, that involved little to no code changes.

I recently finished my project at Valtech and was very happy with the outcome - and the client was very happy too!

It is no secret that besides her responsibilities as a frontend developer, Gift also dedicates a lot of time to bringing value to the web community – which is something she has long been passionate about.

She started by organizing a couple of smaller conferences in Nigeria, whereby she encouraged people to become open source contributors and advocates. Since starting working at Passionate People, Gift has had the opportunity to be an MC and contributor for various events and conferences, such as JS World Conference and Vue.js Global and – which attracted over 50,000 attendees from 120+ countries!

I remember organizing conferences for small groups of people, but now, through Passionate People, I am doing it for thousands of people. That’s a huge deal for me.

Gift Egwuenu - JAMstack FTW- Static Site Generation With Gridsome at Vuejs Global (Amsterdam)

The constant growth of the JavaScript community and the myriads of opportunities this field has to offer are only two of the many things that Gift is enthusiastic about at the moment. She believes that continuous learning is one of the main pillars of working in the engineering field, and as a frontend developer herself, it is Gift’s main ambition to continue to grow and scale in today’s technological ecosystem.