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Developer Stories: David den Toom

It feels like a family here at Passionate People.

Javascript developer and Co-Founder at Passionate People, David den Toom is a DevOps Engineer, TypeScript, Kubernetes, Node.js & React Developer. Ever since he started Passionate People, he had had his project at Ahold Delhaize, apart from being the CTO of the company, involved with the technical part of the interviewing process for our candidates. Some of the frameworks that he uses include Node.JS, React, TypeScript & Kubernetes.

His story here starts three years ago, when he was more involved with the meetups and the community. It was for this reason, and the opportunity to do more than just consultancy, which made him decide to be part of Passionate People. He says that being part of a group of motivated developers, learning from each other and teaching is what he likes the most about being part of this family.

But aside from being a magnificent developer and CTO, David also speaks at Conferences. In the past 3 years, he spoke at several conferences and meetups such as:

Frontend Love Meetup with RTL:

This conference happened on October 31st, 2019, in collaboration with RTL in Hilversum, the Netherlands. The event was small and had 3 fantastic speakers, who spoke about hot topics such as “RTL more than television”, “Introduction to Web Components using LitElement”, and “Why we choose micro-frontends and how we use it in large companies.”

The last topic was led by David, where he showed different ways of implementing micro-frontends.

Happy Frontend Developer New Year Roadtrip Edition 🚗🎉:

This Frontend Love Meetup Roadtrip took place on the 16th and 17th of January at the Osudio Amsterdam, organized by Frontend Developer Love. 67 people attended this small event and 3 magnificent speakers shared their knowledge with the community, including David. The talks included topics such as “How to Become a Drag Queen, “What's the deal with React lifecycle methods?” and “gRPC - an alternative to rest”. The last one was David’s talk, during which he explained how rest had been the standard in the industry for years, but many other solutions were available in the market. For instance, explaining how to efficiently connect services using the gRPC framework.

Frontend Developer Summer edition at Holland Financial Business Groups

On July, 26th 2018, Frontend Love organized a Summer Edition Meetup at Holland Financial Business Groups, in Diemen. Holland Financial Business Group provided us with a fantastic location with a summer garden, bar, food, and drinks. Of course, our developer David was also a speaker during this conference, where he did a surprising React talk with live coding. In total, 52 people attended this amazing event where, apart from David’s talk, we could enjoy another discussion on “Latency Compensation in React” and a fantastic introduction from the CTO of HFBG.

Frontend Meetup | React, Frontend Industry, and more!

On March 29, 2018, Frontend Love organized a small Frontend Love meetup at the beautiful Tam Tam office in Rotterdam, where 38 people attended. David’s talk was on “Migration from Backbone to React - Relating to subjects such as high security, scalability, and quality code.” but we could also enjoy another of our developers speaking on the Frontend Industry: Past, present, and future! We had a blast sharing knowledge and networking with some pizza and beer!

Frontend & Vuejs Roadtrip to Paris:

During this road trip, Frontend Love brought the Conference from Amsterdam to Paris on May 17th, 2019. We had an incredible time there, and we loved our Paris audience! This event was a bit bigger than the previous ones, with no more and no less than 11 speakers. David’s talk this time was about Micro Frontends - WHY, but we could also enjoy other talks about Data Visualizations in Vue Using D3, How to lead a possibly international and not co-located group of web developers to success in a commercial setting, What has Sup'internet achieved?, How to simplify web development and reduce JS Fatigue, and many more!

Fronted Love & Vuejs Road Trip Barcelona:

On Saturday, May 25th, 2019, the 2nd edition of Frontend Love & Vuejs Roadtrip Barcelona took place. With core Vuejs Team members and other Frontend Leaders, we moved to this sunny Spanish city bringing the environment of the conference right on the beach! We listened to our memorable speakers with their unforgettable talks on topics such as “Getting started with Nuxtjs + Static Sites" Redux architecture for lazy people” or “How to lead a possibly international and not co-located group of web developers to success in a commercial setting.”

As you can imagine, David was also here talking about Micro Frontends - WHY!

It was a fantastic experience, and we enjoyed the tapas and sangria! ☀🍹🏖

StenCilJS Meetups (Youtube) Frontend Meetup: GraphQL API & Stenciljs:

This small meetup took place in the city center of Amsterdam on Thursday, May 17, 2018, organized once again by Frontend Developer Love. The doors were wide open for enthusiastic developers. We enjoyed beers and pizza, and we had the pleasure to listen to 2 talks, one from Peter Koszta, Lead Developer at FashionUnited about GraphQL API in Elixir with Absinthe and, of course, another one from David den Toom, about Stenciljs! We ended it with some drinks and many networking opportunities!

Check out David’s talk on youtube!

VueJs Amsterdam 2019:

Vue.js Global is the largest Vue Conference & Community Event in the World. With 2,000+ attendees flying in from 50+ Countries over 2 Full Days. Vuejs Amsterdam is also proudly responsible for other low-cost events run in Europe. On February 14-15, 2019, David was one of the 27 speakers at this conference. He presented on Rest, GraphQL & gRPC in front of 2178 attendees at Theater Amsterdam.

He claims that his most memorable moment was during this conference: “It had a great vibe, I met many new people & also the ones I have not seen for ages in one room. Development is quite a small world. It is nice to have everyone together!”

Check out his talk on youtube here!

React Live 2019 Micro Frontends:

React Live is a unique opportunity to watch React & React Native experts share their knowledge on stage. During React Live in 2019, David was among the 13 inspirational speakers, and he gave a talk in front of 870+ attendees at Theater Amsterdam about MicroFrontends.

You can watch his full talk on Youtube with this link!

Tweakers Developer Summit:

David was a speaker at Tweakers Developer Summit, where he gave a presentation about MicroFrontends. The event took place in DeFabrique, in Utrecht on February 13th, 2020. It was the perfect place to gather new knowledge, get inspired, and meet other developers. Also, two of our non-developers girls from the team went there to support David. It was such a life-changing experience!

Product Up Conference 2020:

David's last talk this year was a little bit different from the rest. On this occasion, he participated at Product Up, the Startup and Scaleup Conference organized by Frontend Love on the 29-30th of October. During this conference, we had the opportunity to witness talks from top speakers that are making their debut in the entrepreneurship market!

15 European leaders from startups and scale-ups spoke during the Product Up with talks on entrepreneurship, product management, growth marketing, recruitment, and many more!

David was here as a moderator of a fireside chat with Daniel Gebler, the CTO of Picnic. You can watch them rocking the stage at Theater Amsterdam at the following link!

As you can see, David is a skilled developer and conference speaker. He is keen to continue growing professionally and always welcomes a challenge. As he claims, in the future, he would love to participate in even more conferences and also help flourish the Passionate People team!

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