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Developer Stories: Daria Ivanovich

Daria is one of our super talented React Developers from Belarus. She joined the Passionate People team in October 2019 and as she states, we are  a really cheerful and pleasant company to work at, where everyone helps each other, shares knowledge and individuals are appreciated for their work. Daria counts as one of our three incredible female developers, together with another four female non developers who are part of this family!

Currently having her project at ING, Daria  is mainly using React, although she likes all the other frameworks as well.

“ I love being a developer because it is really creative work and you always train your brain with new challenges. “⁣

She loves ceramics and all DIY (“Do it yourself”) things. As you can see, she is not only a great developer but a creative handywoman as well! If by any chance you find her immersed in a book, you better not interrupt. She hates when someone disturbs her while reading. “ People have to have a really important reason to pull me back in reality. “ 📚❤✂🍯

Very proud to have you in this family, Daria! 🎊👏