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Developer Stories: Daniel Alarcón

Daniel, one of our expert developers in Frontend, is originally from Spain but has decided to make his home right here in the Netherlands! He joined our Passionate People Family two years ago in October 2018, aiming to put his passion for React into our projects! At the moment, he is working on a very ambitious project at ING, where he is focused on Web Components with Lit Element and Haunted (React Hooks for Web Components).

With 6 years of experience in his resume, Daniel is a master of many frontend libraries and frameworks used right now! His preferred frameworks and Backbone, Angular, React, Vuejs, and Lit! He is also an expert in JavaScript, SQL, PHP, SASS, C++, Maven, Ionic Framework, ES6, vuex, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, WordPress, Spring Framework, Hibernate, WebPack, Jersey framework, gulp, yarn, Web components, Cucumber, npm, redux-saga

He joined Passionate People, because he liked the vibe of the company and the people. “Young company with highly skilled developers. I felt I would fit in there.” Fun fact about Daniel - his last name means “Lover” and two of his biggest loves are coding and skateboarding!

I'm pretty sure that we are the most passionate, skilled, and humble developers in the Netherlands.👨‍💻 I feel grateful for having the chance of working with such brilliant people, attending fantastic conferences, for the great trips/adventures, and for the super fun and creative workshops.

I always loved coding, from creating programs to filter the light of the stars in the sky, to automating all the sensors in a greenhouse or to create a Netflix for one of the most important companies in the Netherlands. Coding is an art where you can choose how to express yourself.

Aside from being a fantastic developer, Daniel also likes to give back to his community by speaking at tech events and sharing his knowledge and experience with others. He was a speaker at the Frontend Meetup in Hilversum last October, organized by RTL, where our CTO David den Toom also spoke! Daniel gave a talk on Introduction to Web Components using LitElement

He also took part 2 years ago in a Frontend Meetup on the at Osudio - one of the most impressive rooftops in Amsterdam! There, he was a part of a group of Passionate People developers who spoke about FP Libraries for handling complex data in real world apps and Level up your NgRx Game.

He took his talents on the road to our company-wide road trip to Barcelona! With core Vuejs Team members and other Frontend Leaders, we moved to this sunny Spanish city bringing the environment of the conference right on the beach! We listened to our memorable speakers with their unforgettable talks on topics such as “Getting started with Nuxtjs + Static Sites" Redux architecture for lazy people” or “How to lead a possibly international and not co-located group of web developers to success in a commercial setting.”

In October 2019, the release of one of Daniel’s most hardworking projects was announced! The ING Loyalty Platform, which has provided so many people with amazing deals on products and services, debuted! Daniel was in charge of the Frontend development on this project, architecting and developing a new Portal for the ING winkel where he has been supporting his team to achieve this goal.

In February of this year, we had the pleasure of organizing and bringing to life one of the biggest Frontend conferences in the world, and certainly the Netherlands! Our developers contributed to the realization of this event, with some doing production like recording the talks and interviews, and others doing logistics like taking care of the speakers, talking to attendees, and playing games with them. They all made sure to create an unforgettable experience for both the attendees and speakers! Daniel was also part of this dream team and he even wrote a review of the Frontend Love Conference! Read it here!