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Developer Stories: Bob van 't Padje

Bob joined Passionate People in December 2020 as a Full-Stack developer. He fell in love with computer science during his university studies and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Writing clean and readable code is of paramount importance for Bob, which he believes to be one of the most important skills to have as a software developer. Code readability is a universal subject in the world of software development and being able to write code that does not only make sense for you but is easily understandable for other developers, as well, is definitely a must-have skill as a programmer.

Writing complex code that functions perfectly is the easy part, writing code that still makes sense one month after it has been written is a lot harder.

In his current role, working for Royal HaskoningDHV, he focuses on maintaining and improving the application, using React for the front-end and Kotlin for the back-end.

For the deployment part, the team is planning to migrate from Heroku to Kubernetes, which Bob sees as a great upgrade from a technical perspective. Other than the aforementioned tools, he also specializes in TypeScript, Styled Components, Design Systems and Redux.

When he is not working for Royal HaskoningDHV, Bob takes part in the weekly meetings at Passionate People. In the All-Hands meeting, our developers are sharing the projects that they are currently working on, as well as various insights and performance tips that they have learned recently. Similarly, in the Consulting Excellence meeting, Bob and his colleagues explore various strategies for effective consulting, therefore ensuring that they are constantly up-to-date with new insights and the best practices in their field.

Whether you would like to improve your coding skills or simply grow as a developer, there are so many people in-house who can help you.

For Bob, working at Passionate People means having the ability to work with various clients – therefore gaining a wide variety of skills – while also having your own in-house team of colleagues ready to share their knowledge and skills with you.

As for the future, one thing that Bob is particularly interested in is the development of the CI/CD (Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery) pipeline, which introduces automation into the stages of app development, making it easier for developers to release better software and increase development speed.