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Developer Stories: Benjamin Barreto

Our Brazilian 🇧🇷 motivated, hardworking, and adaptable FullStack developer Benjamin Alexandre de Macedo Barreto joined our company in September 2019. He moved all the way  to the Netherlands from Brazil with his wife. 💑

The bulk of his experience involves the implementation of performance driven, cross-browser, responsive applications, emphasizing good practices and performance. In his role, he is focused on high-volume enterprise applications. As we have mentioned,  he is a FullStack developer who uses Nodejs, express, Next frameworks because JavaScript is awesome!

I started my career as a Frontend Web Developer, so I naturally grew into the whole JavaScript spectrum. I love being a developer because it's intellectually challenging, there are plenty of jobs, it's the profession of our time.

He loved this experience so much that he has been frequently assisting our Head of Events, Jos Gerards, in MCing our virtual Meetups! Considering the restraints this year has posed on all of us, we are still determined to bring new knowledge and insights to our community through our regularly scheduled meetups, which went online this year! Ben was an MC in the React.js Special Frontend Love Meetup which boasted 4 experts in React giving talks on the latest improvements and uses of React. You can see it yourself here!

Next, he was also an MC for the Angular NL special version of Frontend Love meetups, which had 5 incredible speakers among which was Passionate People’s own Harijs Deksnis! Check out the full 4 hours of it here!

Lastly, Ben was an MC for our 7th Frontend Love Meetup which hosted 3 fantastic speakers, giving talks on all the newest JavaScript updates. Can also be checked out here!

Ben’s humor is one of the best qualities about him and what makes him such a great coworker! In fact, he even won a free sushi dinner at home when he came up with the funniest caption for our Engineering Manager Israel’s birthday! Besides being a funny guy Ben’s also very proactive. As we mentioned before, Ben is a frequent MC at the events sponsored by Passionate People and he’s a brilliant interviewer, taking part in our very own internal interviews of developers for the video series “Meet the Developers”!

In his spare time, Ben loves bodybuilding because according to him it’s not only good for your physical but also mental health too! He’s a huge dog lover and even owns one called Agata! One of the many success stories of Passionate People, Ben’s work for us and support from his team enabled him and his wife to buy their own house in the Netherlands and fulfilled his dream of becoming a homeowner one day.

Ben is an invaluable member of the Passionate People family, who is contributing to the creation of the learning and high-achieving environment we strive for! Thank you Ben! 💜

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