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Developer Stories: Alexander Esselink

Alexander Esselink (Aka Dexter or Dr Svelte, that's what we call him!) is a FullStack web engineer at Passionate People, focused on modern UI frameworks like Svelte, React and Vue. He joined our company on the 1st of February 2019, and he is currently working on a project at the well known Dutch bank ING, as a Svelte expert. Working with LitHtml, LitElement, polymer, gitlab, Sinon, chai, mocha and lots more, he also contributes to #svelte. Besides being a developer, Dexter is the master of diabolo and dj-ing; when he is not coding, you can probably find him joining a great round of Karaoke or hanging out with his ginger cat. 🐱

Creative coding frees me from normal constraints, and in doing that I'm discovering new ways of writing pretty and expressive code. Recently I'm discovering the myriad of ways the spirograph draws pretty and intricate lines.

Apart from his developer role, he also speaks at numerous Meetups and Conferences such as:

Amsterdam SvelteJS meetup:

On January 29th 2020, no more and no less than 62 participants attended this small event at the Passionate People Headquarters. He spoke about Sapper & GraphQL. Great job Dexter!

Meetup organised by Developer Circles:

The Facebook Developer Circle in Amsterdam is a community for developers and anyone interested in tech in Amsterdam and The Netherlands. Whatever you build, Developer Circles connects you to collaborate, learn, and code with other local developers. During this meetup on January 28th 2020, Dexter presented a hands-on tech talk about “Build A To-Do List With Svelte And Serverless Tech”.

Frontend Love Conference last February 2020:

Frontend Love is the largest Javascript Conference in the Netherlands.  Here, he gave a presentation about his favourite framework Svelte and its intuitive use. He shared his love for #svelte and explained what sets it apart from other frameworks and showed how it enables him to create truly reactive apps✨Check it out here!

Even though It was his first time talking in front of more than 1100 people at Theater Amsterdam, he made his debut and he will be back on stage at the Frontend Week in 2021! You can get your ticket here!

Frontend Love Virtual Meetup in March 2020:

Right after the Covid kick in, the most active, inspiring Frontend Developer Meetups went virtual. We still bring Javascript Meetups on a weekly basis where high Calibre speakers wow you with their Frontend related knowledge an

Sveltejs Society Day 2020:

Svelte Society is a global network of Svelte enthusiasts looking to help and inspire one another to build incredible web and native experiences with Svelte! Dexter spoke this day about creative coding with sveltejs. Make sure you check it out here!

Passionate People Hackathon:

This was the first hackathon at the Passionate People HQ! Our developers had 24 hours to hack the office and drink some cocktails made by Lars. Dexter made the lights change and some other super cool stuff.

Dexter has also been creating wonderful visuals using code, and in fact, he was VJ-ing a few times at a bar in Delft, providing fascinating backgrounds to numerous concerts. Besides VJ-ing, he is also a big fan of DIY stuff: he bought the components of a modular synth and put it all together by himself. How cool is that? 😎

He is also jamming occasionally at music events, and his next performance will be at the Passionate People team buildings Conference, where Dr Svelte and Dj Niki will have a wonderful duo at the after party!

How many things can be done with “simply” writing some codes? 🦄 Check out Dexter’s stunning visuals made with code at: