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Developer Stories: Alba Silvente

Originally from Spain and deeply passionate about the world of front-end development, Alba started working at Passionate People as a Senior Front-end Consultant in March 2021. She has long been interested in providing a great user experience and bringing a website’s design to life, devoting much of her time towards understanding how users interact with a brand or an interface. Because of that, her first responsibility at Passionate People was website rebranding — ensuring a smooth user interface that accurately portrays the company’s personality.

As a Senior Front-end Consultant, besides focusing on the JavaScript code and the functionality, I also like to bring the design to life by keeping in mind the user's experience on the website.

Previous to working at Passionate People, Alba has attended all the Vue Amsterdam conferences. It was here where she first came across our talented colleagues Gift Egwenu and Pooya Parsa, who were both speakers at Vue.Js Global 2020. Alba’s endless curiosity for the world of development coupled with the desire to be surrounded by like-minded people were some of the main reasons why she joined Passionate People, enabling her to follow in Gift and Pooya’s footsteps.

I keep in touch with the team on a daily basis and discuss ways to improve things in a quick manner - I haven't experienced this level of communication in other companies that I've worked for.

Alba’s passion for supporting user behaviour through ensuring website usability and desirability is certainly not reserved for the work environment only. In the past year, she decided to start her own blog as a way to create more value for the web community, using NuxtJs and Storyblok. In a happy turn of events, the teams at NuxtJs and Storyblok reached out and asked Alba to be an Ambassador for them, thus allowing her to continue her work in community building.

As for what she is most interested in right now in the tech sector, Alba claims that the current focus on accessibility and user experience are extremely relevant. Specifically, designing with accessibility in mind does not only enable various people to navigate and interact with the web — but it also helps a brand’s positioning as one with empathy and inclusivity towards their users and customers.