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Cultural Diversity World Day

Today is Cultural Diversity World Day!

Diversity is one of the core pillars of our company. From the beginning, our goal was to create a community of passionate people with diverse (cultural and technical) backgrounds.

At the moment, we are uniting approximately 20 nationalities, and we also offer our developers the opportunity to relocate smoothly from various parts of the world!

If you’re interested in finding out more about our relocation stories, you can read more about Sohrab’s story (relocated from Germany), Gift’s story (relocated from Nigeria), and Pooya’s story (relocated from Iran).

Our COO, Nick van Dijk, assisted them throughout the moving process and proved to be a great help for our colleagues.

Nick helped us choose a good neighbourhood, took care of moving our furniture from Berlin to Amsterdam, and even took utilities and internet for our new apartment. When we arrived, he had left us a welcome card with beautiful flowers at our apartment.

Freedom to developers is given at Passionate People. They can choose whatever they want to learn.

I haven't experienced this level of communication in other companies that I've worked for.

There are so many highlights when it comes to my career, but one of them is the fact that I get to work for Passionate People.

Do you also want to work in a team that not only ensures your ongoing success and growth but also cares about your well-being? You’re in luck – because we’re currently hiring! See all of our open positions here.