Article featured image Christmas Party at Schreierstoren 🎄
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Christmas Party at Schreierstoren 🎄

On the 19th of December we organized the third Christmas dinner since Passionate People was founded. In 2017, Passionate People's team consisted of only 4 members, a number that increased tenfold until 2019. No less than 41 members were having Christmas dinner together that year. Wow!

We spent a cozy evening together in Schreierstoren, where we ate delicious food and where almost everyone was present! Some fun facts about the night:

  • It turned out Lesley knows way more than it looks about Passionate People. He won the (employee) quiz! (We wonder how he knew that our white tiger, who loves aperol, is Nick?)
  • No Passionate Party without MarioKart championship, not to mention the hard core karaoke party…
  • Also, no Christmas without a small gift either. We wanted to surprise our employees with a trendy, waterproof backpack, a raincoat (hey we live in the Netherlands!), a small thing to each one’s family and the most important thing, that is always - “ahw i forgot it at home” - the HDMI cable!