Anniversary: Vijay

Published by — 11 months ago

Happy one year anniversary Vijay Bindraban 💜!

Let us also congratulate for tying the knot with your lovely wife, Isaura! You looked amazing on the big day! We wish you all the best, health and happiness! 💜

Vijay joined Passionate People last March as a FullStack Developer. He immediately started his project at @Vivat 's Innovation Centre called VINCE. Helped with building a web application based upon:

💻NextJS (React+Node)

💻 GraphQL

💻 Python/ Django

💻 PostgreSQ

After finishing the project at VIVAT, he started with his second project at @G-Star at their HQ in Amsterdam.

💻 Worked on optimising the product page on by recreating the page with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) the Google framework.

💻 The challenging factor of the project was that the page had to also work for desktop with all functionality and styling.

💻 AMP is specifically made for mobile applications and has many limits and rules to keep performance optimal.

💻 In addition, Vijay worked on adding browser notifications for marketing purposes that can be sent to users both manually and automatically.

💻 Moreover, he added various improvements and functionalities to the G-Star website.

Great job Vijay! 🎉

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