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Anniversary: Lars

In the last 5 years, Lars Tadema has been working with React and is still a huge fan of using it. He started his project a year ago too; with a tech stack around React in the frontend and NodeJS in the backend.

Why did you join PP? What was your main motivation?

"I joined Passionate People because I wanted to get into the IT consultancy world and found PP the best match. I just wanted to grow as a developer and see what my position/skill level was compared to others."

How would you evaluate the past years with a few words?

"Last year was great, I've seen and talked to a lot of knowledgeable people, got to go to nice conferences and was able to make tremendous personal growth. The best moments are actually Fridays where we work at the PP office. Sitting next to your own colleagues from Passionate People and not your colleagues from the client is something really valuable. The sharing of knowledge between different projects really works in developing a better understanding of certain parts of development processes. Also, one of the cocktail days was really awesome, where everybody wanted to try the "Lars Special." 🍹