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Anniversary: Jurian

It's the season of celebration and we at Passionate People have more than one reason to do so! This month is officially the one-year anniversary of our brilliant developer Jurian Koning joining our family! 🎉

We couldn't be more grateful to have his expertise and his companionship in our office, real-life or virtual! Jurian is also a very dedicated Vue developer who loves it because of the architecture, support and syntax! His project at ICTU on the PGB platform provides people with disabilities better communication.

Why does he love being a developer? Because he loves creating working products and prototypes based on designs or ideas! That's why he joined Passionate People, he's convinced we can help him make the next step in his career. 🤩

We are very proud of the impactful work Jurian is doing and we are glad to have him as part of our all-star team! Thank you, Jurian! 🙌

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